The Benefits of Ecuador Escorts Compared with Prostitutes

What differ Ecuador escorts from local prostitutes may not even be seen at first sight. Both offer sex for money, both may be attractive and sophisticated in sex, both can cost the same. However experienced fans of adult entertainments know a lot of advantages of dealing with Ecuador escort ladies instead of prostitutes.

First thing is safety. Sex with a foreigner is always a risk, as you don’t know people personally. Prostitutes in Ecuador are uncontrolled, there are a lot of dangers waiting for their clients. As for Ecuador escort agencies, they strictly control their girls being afraid to lose their reputation and clientele. It is much safer to use escort service.

The second advantage is diversified range of services. Not always man needs mechanical fuck without any communication, support and feelings. Ecuador escorts are usually smart girls, interesting to talk with and doing their best to make a client feel comfortably in their company. You can hire an escort simply for spending time together, and she will do this professionally. This can be sex, dating, travelling or whatever you want. So Ecuador escort ladies are much more universal companions than prostitutes.